PFixer for OS X
PFixer is the only solution available for Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, & 6/CC on the Mac offering intuitive hardware-based control and custom keyboard shortcuts in one complete solution.
Requires Mac OSX Lion (10.7.x) or greater
Requires Lightroom 4/5/6/CC, US English
I love Pfixer! It has made me about 90% more efficient in working with my photos! Thanks!
Brent Craig
PFixer Panel Bundle
The PFixer Panel Bundle gives you all the power of PFixer for OS X and takes it to the next level with the PFixer Panel! PFixer Panel is a customized control surface (based on the amazing Behringer BCF-2000) that gives you real-time access to 116 of Lightroom’s functions, presets and brushes. PFixer Panel’s 8 motorized faders and digital dials are in constant two-way sync with Lightroom: move a fader, and the slider in Lightroom moves; move a slider in Lightroom and watch as the Panel’s fader moves all by itself. It’s a level of control you have to experience with your own two hands. You can make as many adjustments as your fingers will allow, all simultaneously.
US Customers ONLY
Includes PFixer for OS X (software download)
Includes PFixer Panel
Requires Mac OSX Lion (10.7.x) or greater
Requires Lightroom 4/5/6/CC, US English
$359.99 (ORDER NOW! Estimated ship date is September 4th)
The fact that I can adjust multiple settings at once, and never have to take my eyes off of the image make it worth every penny.
Nick Giardina
PFixer Overlay
For international customers and existing Behringer BCF-2000 owners, PFixer Overlay is a custom adhesive overlay with the same layout/configuration as our PFixer Panel and Encoder products.
It is immeasurable how much easier processing has become with the PFixer Panel.
Chris Knight,
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