Behringer X-Touch Mini

The Behringer X-Touch Mini is a compact, sleek controller that works well with PFixer. In fact, it works so well, we based our MiniMal controller on the X-Touch Mini!

While the Behringer X-Touch Mini is the same device as the MiniMal from Pusher Labs, the MiniMal comes from us labeled and pre-configured to work with PFixer out of the box. So while they ARE the same device, the X-Touch Mini purchased retail does not work with PFixer unless you (re)configure it manually.

Unfortunately, Behringer has not made the X-Touch Editor available for OSX, so to configure your X-Touch you need to download and install the X-Touch Editor on a Windows machine. We do not provide support for configuring 3rd-party MIDI devices, but you can look over the MIDI Mapping instructions topic that covers how to set up your MIDI controller to send the right type of MIDI commands.

When setting up the Behringer X-Touch Mini:

  • Make sure the Global Channel is OFF.
  • All controls should have CHANNEL set to 1.
  • All controls should have TYPE set to "CC".
  • All CC numbers for each control must be unique and cannot overlap.
  • Buttons should have BEHAVIOR set to "Toggle".
  • Encoders should have LED RING set to "Single".
  • All controls should have MIN set to "0".
  • All controls should have MAX set to "127".