Registering PFixer

PFixer is available as a downloadable, fully functional, 14-day trial. After 14 days you will need to purchase PFixer to keep using it. You can download PFixer using the download button at the top of every page.

Registering is simple. First open PFixer Preferences:

When you purchased PFixer you received an email containing your license information. (NOTE: if your order is an international order or your card is not charged at the time of the order, the license email will be sent as soon as your payment is processed). Using your browser or email application, copy the license information to the clipboard (CMD+C) and paste it (CMD+V) into the fields on the Program tab of PFixer Preferences:

Once valid license information has been entered, PFixer will indicate your license name/status as shown above. Make sure you click the Apply button when you are done.

Here are a few tips:

  • The License Name must EXACTLY match the name you entered when you purchased PFixer, including any capitalization and punctuation -- e.g. "John D Smith", "John D. Smith", and "john d smith" are not the same license name.
  • The License should be on 4 separate lines, NOT one large line with a space between each section.
  • Occasionally, your browser or email application will enter additional, often invisible, characters or lines either before or after the text when you paste. If you run into this problem, place the cursor at the beginning of the License Name and press the Delete (aka Backspace) key a few times. Also, place the end of the License Name field, and then press FN+Delete key a few times (if you have a large keyboard with the number pad, you can also use the forward delete button, "Delete x>").