Preferences - Trackpad Support

NOTE: these options are not available in PFixer CORE.

Enable Trackpad sliders with . . .

This sets the keystroke command that activates Trackpad support in PFixer.

About Trackpad Zones

Trackpad support in PFixer allows you to use the Trackpad on your laptop or your Magic Trackpad as a configurable set of one or more virtual faders. The Trackpad is divided into 16 "zones" that can be individually configured or automatically grouped into sections in a miriad of ways.

For each zone, two checkmarks indicate the zone has been configured: the first check mark indicates that a 1-finger adjustment is configured, while the second check mark indicates that a 2-finger adjustment has been configured.

Zone Options

Each zone can be configured to support up to four different actions:

  • 1 Finger Up/Down
  • 1 Finger Left Right
  • 2 Finger Up/Down
  • 2 Finger Left Right

By default, when PFixer detects movement in either direction, it will lock movement to the direction that was detected first. For example, if you set 1 Finger Up/Down set to modify Exposure, and 1 Finger Left/Right to control Contrast, if PFixer detects Up/Down movement first, it will not allow adjustments to Contrast (Left/Right) until you lift your finger and start over.

Using the same example as above, when you check the box Allow adjustment in both directions simultaneously, PFixer will allow you to adjust Exposure and Contrast at the same time using a combination of Up/Down and Left/Right finger movements. One example of using the Trackpad in this configuration is when you want to be able to adjust Temperature and Tint at the same time using X/Y style adjustment motions.

Zone Cascading

To avoid having to set up multiple zones with the same settings, PFixer uses automatic zone cascading: any configured zone settings will automatically cacade to adjacent unconfigured zones to its right, and then down.

The following examples will help to illustrate how zone cascading works. In these examples, The green areas indicate zones configured for 1 finger adjustments and blue areas indicate zones configured for 2 finger adjustments.

EXAMPLE 1: in this example the entire trackpad is configured as a single large zone where a single finger controls the Temperature in the Up/Down directions, and Tint in the Left/Right directions. The zone settings for the top, left zone automatically cascade to the remaining blank zones. The zone is configured so simultaneous Up/Down and Left/Right adjustments are possible.

EXAMPLE 2: in this example the trackpad is divided into 4 vertical faders using four zones configured for single finger movement in the Up/Down direction. Since no other zones are configured below them, the top 4 zones cascade to the zones below them.

EXAMPLE 3: in this example the trackpad is divided into a mixture of 1-finger and 2-finger zone. The 1-finger zones are configured so they cascade to prduce 4 large zones, while the 2-finger zones are configured as 4 vertical faders just as in the previous examples.