Preferences - Program

License Name and License

Enter the license name and license you received via email after you purchased PFixer.

For more information and tips on registering PFixer please refer to the Registering PFixer topic.

Automatically check for updates

When checked, this option allows PFixer to check for updates once per day. When an update becomes available, you will be prompted for permission before an update is downloaded and installed.

Start PFixer automatically when I log in

When checked, PFixer will be placed in your user startup items and will start automatically when you log into your Mac.

Skip automatic Develop Panel expansion during binding

When checked, PFixer will NOT attempt to expand all the develop panels prior to binding. By default, PFixer will automatically expand all the develop panels prior to binding to ensure the binding process is successful. To save time during the binding process, you can skip this step.

IMPORTANT: while checking this option will save time, note that all the Develop Panels still MUST be expanded during binding. Only use this option when you normally leave all your develop panel expanded. If this option is checked and some develop panels are not open during binding, the binding process will fail.