Preferences - Pro

NOTE: these options are not available in PFixer CORE.

Load color/grayscale controls

The color (HSL) and gray sliders in Lightroom, while they are presented in the Lightroom interface as a single set of sliders, actually exist internally as two complete sets of sliders. As the images changes Lightroom will remove and recreate the different controls as needed. As a result, PFixer may need to reload (rebind) the color sliders as you move from a B&W images back to a color image and vice versa.

This setting governs when that rebinding takes place:

  • on demand: the first time I attempt to use the control
    This setting is usually best when you use the HSL sliders infrequently, or do not want to be interupted as the rebinding process takes place.
  • every time the image changes, if needed
    This setting is usually best when you use the HSL sliders frequently and do not typically use a heavy mix of B&W/color photos.

Automatically set Constrain Crop when using the Lens Correction adjustment sliders

When this option is set (default is checked), PFixer will automatically set Constrain Crop to checked each time you use one of the Lens Correction adjustment sliders. If you do not want this behavior, uncheck this option.

Increase sensitivity of the Prospective adjustment sliders when updated over MIDI

When this is set, PFixer will reduce the effective range of MIDI adjustments when altering the Prospective sliders. This is useful since a "little goes a long way" when it comes to adjusting the Prospective sliders. This increases the accuracy of the MIDI control across it's 0-127 range.