PFixer Panel / PFixer Encoder

The PFixer Panel and PFixer Encoder are based on the Behringer BCF-2000 and BCR-2000 (respectively) desktop MIDI controllers. Both communicate with your Mac over USB to send and receive MIDI commands. There are no drivers to install and you simply plug them in and they work.

NOTE: If you've purchased a Behringer BCF-2000/BCR-2000 retail or used, you can find more information on using it with PFixer here.

Setting up PFixer for the Panel/Encoder

PFixer comes with built-in support for the PFixer Panel (BCF-2000) and PFixer Encoder (BCR-2000). If you purchased a Panel/Encoder from Pusher Labs you might need to set it up to work with PFixer.

First, be sure that MIDI Mapping is set to ON inside the Hardware tab of PFixer Preferences.

In Preferences, on the Mapping tab, click the "cog" button , then select MIDI Maps:

When you select the Panel or Encoder from the list, all the CC# mappings for that device will be entered into the Preferences Mapping window.

Click the Apply button to save your changes.

PFixer Panel (BCF-2000) Default MIDI Map

Below is the default map for the PFixer Panel.

NOTE on Encoder Groups:

The top 8 encoder knobs can be set into 4 different "encoder groups", as indicated by the buttons labeled A (Basic), B (Hue), C (Sat), and D (Lum/B+W). For example, the first encoder knob will send either CC# 1, 9, 17, or 25 when rotated depending on the encoder group selected. Thus, in encoder group C (Sat), the first encoder knob will send a CC# value of 17 when rotated.

Each encoder knob also functions as a button when pressed, which has it's own assigned CC# value separate from the CC# value assigned to rotating the encoder. For example, when pressed, the first encoder knob will send a CC# value of 33 when encoder group A (Basic) is selected, but will send CC# 41 when encoder group B (Hue) is selected.

This is not the same thing as PFixer Modes. See the Mapping for MIDI Controllers topic for more information on setting up modes.

By default, the button CC values 41 thru 64 are not used by PFixer.

PFixer Encoder (BCR-2000) Default MIDI Map

Below is the default map for the PFixer Encoder.

Whereas the PFixer Panel has 8 motorized faders (CC# 81-88) at the bottom, the PFixer Encoder has 24 digital encoders. From top to bottom, these encoders are assigned to CC# 81-88, 89-96, and 97-104, respectively.

NOTE: please see the PFixer Panel note above regarding encoder groups.