Behringer BCF-2000 and BCR-2000

The Behringer BCF-2000 and BCR-2000 are the perfect MIDI controller companion to PFixer. Both were introduced around 2005 and for the better part of 10 years were the only controllers with motorized faders priced under $1,000 USD.

PFixer supports both controllers in their new factory default configurations.

Purchased Used

If you have purchased a used Behringer BCF-2000 or BCR-2000 you may find that the units have been customized and will not work out of the box with PFixer. Please see the following support articles for more information on getting your BCF-2000 or BCR-2000 to work with PFixer.

Configuring PFixer for the BCF-2000 / BCR-2000

PFixer comes with built-in support for the BCF-2000 and BCR-2000.

First, be sure that MIDI Mapping is set to ON inside the Hardware tab of PFixer Preferences.

In Preferences, on the Mapping tab, click the "cog" button , then select MIDI Maps:

When you select the Panel (BCF-2000) or Encoder (BCR-2000) from the list, all the CC# mappings for that device will be entered into the Preferences Mapping window.

Click the Apply button to save your changes.

Default Mappings for the BCF-2000 / BCR-2000

The default MIDI mappings the BCF-2000 and BCR-2000 are the same as the mappings for the Panel and Encoder. Please refer to the Panel/Encoder topic to view the default mappings.

Of course, you are free to (re)map any of the controls as you see fit. Please refer to the Mapping for MIDI Controlers topic for more details.