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You did a good job on the UI, it’s very user friendly and intuitive.
FrancisK7 via
The fastest way to process photos in Adobe® Lightroom®.  Period.
You'll like it. Trust us.
Introducing PFixer
PFixer from Pusher Labs is the ONLY solution available for Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & CC on the Mac offering intuitive hardware-based control, custom keyboard shortcuts and gesture support in one complete solution.
Over 200 Lightroom Features
PFixer gives you full, hardware control of every slider in Lightroom and single button access to over 200 Lightroom functions, including up to 30 presets and brushes.
Download PFixer and try it completely FREE for 15 days. The software is fully functional and you don't need to give us a credit card. Test it on your own images and you'll never go back.
PFixer Panel & Encoder
PFixer Panel & Encoder give you real-time adjustment of over 200 of Lightroom’s functions, presets and brushes. You can make as many adjustments as your fingers will allow, all simultaneously.
Trackpad Gesture Support
New with version 1.3, Trackpad Gesture support for all supported Lightroom sliders. There's nothing like controlling Lightroom with a slide of your finger.
If you really just need the basics, CORE is the Heart of PFixer at your fingertips. You get 30+ key Lightroom functions and up to 4 Develop presets most important to you.
Take Your Life Back!
Say goodbye to endless hours of hunting, scrolling and clicking your way through Lightroom. PFixer is simply the fastest way to process photos. And by fast, we mean it's stupid fast.
Hit The Ground Running
In addition to it's own layouts, PFixer comes with pre-built layouts for Motibodo and VSCO Keys users. Take advantage of the amazing power of PFixer with no downtime or retraining.
100% Native Mac App
Built for the Mac, PFixer doesn't rely on any 3rd party software, Lightroom plugins, or require online account access to get the job done. And we'll be ready to go when Lightroom is upgraded.
The Ultimate in Lightroom Control
• FREE downloadable trial version
• Complete access to over 200 Lightroom functions
• Take full advantage of the PFixer Panel & Encoder
• Fully assignable keyboard shortcuts
• Trackpad Gesture Support
• Supports up to 20 Develop Presets
• Supports up to 10 Brush Presets
• Save and reload unlimited layouts and mappings
• Share your layouts and mappings with others
• Includes Motibodo and VSCO Keys compatible layouts
v1.3.1 - Requires OSX 10.7+
Download PFixer for Lightroom Now!
The Heart of PFixer at your Fingertips
• FREE downloadable trial version
• Supports 30+ key Lightroom functions
• Assign MIDI mappings and keyboard shortcuts
• Supports up to 4 Develop Presets
v1.0.1 - Requires OSX 10.7+
Download PFixer CORE for Lightroom!
Have to say it was far better than I could have imagined. I just finished a wedding with it. I found that I was able to match Canon to Nikon better than ever before. I could actually start making adjustments for a canon file as soon as I saw it vs a Nikon. Hard to convey without doing it yourself.
Sean Gallant
There's PFIXER
And then there's the rest.

MIDI Control $99 $29 $375 $79
Available Panel & Encoder, custom-mapped control interfaces
MIDI Control w/any MIDI controller
Real-time 2-way MIDI communication
Supports multiple MIDI controllers simultaneously
Assign Lightroom functions to any MIDI CC# channel
Innovative Modes functionality to utilize over 127 MIDI channels
Keyboard Control
Use keyboard shortcuts simultaneously with MIDI control
Fully customizable key mapping
Use whatever keyboard you want
Ships with compatible layouts for your old software
Trackpad Gesture Support
Coming in version 1.3
Free upgrade to existing users
Full Lightroom control just like MIDI & shortcuts
Lightroom Control
Supports over 200 Lightroom Functions 30+
Develop preset support
Brush preset support
Name presets/brushes whatever you want
Supports 20 develop presets Up to 4 10 user
Supports 10 brush presets only 8
Built For You
FREE to download and try
FREE shipping inside US $26+ n/a
Built 100% in-house as a native MacOS application ?
Save and load your custom MIDI Mappings
Save and load your custom KB layouts
Share your MIDI maps and layouts with others
Automatically disables itself when you need to type
Uhm, yeah . . . not so much
Requires overpriced keyboard/skin purchase
Requires 3rd-party macro engine to function
Requires Lightroom plugin installation/maintenance
Requires highly restrictive panel positioning to function properly
Requires you to set up your function keys their way
Requires internet access and online account to configure
$99 $29 $375 $79
The information reported in the matrix above is true to the best of our knowledge and is based on publicly available information gathered from competitors websites as of March 15, 2013. If you are aware of any errors in the information presented above, please let us know at
I processed a wedding as my first test for it and it cut my second pass through my images almost in half… Highly recommended.
Nick Giardina
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